There’s that joke about cloud computing

Anytime you hear “cloud” just replace it with “someone else’s computer.” That’s all it really is: Putting anything in the cloud is just putting it in someone else’s control. Same holds true with web traffic. If you’re relying on Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram or any other websites to bring you traffic… You’re in danger. At […]

Email Secrets Angles to Sell Anything (Even if you have no list)

One of the core skills of running an online business, or even trying to make any kind of money online, is having an ability to make people interested in what you are trying to sell. Getting their attention. The question is, how do you do that in a world that is do distracted and with […]

Here Are 5 Top Lessons I’ve Learned From 7 Figure Online Marketing Expert

Here are 5 top lessons I’ve learned from 7 figure online marketing expert. 1. Stop thinking so much. If you’re stopping to think about your work then it’s too late. You already know what to do – do it. Have you ever seen people with less intelligence and common sense become wealthy? It’s because they’re […]

How to NOT Making Money Online

The key, in the beginning, is to LEARN as much as you can about the process. Don’t worry about sales. You need to know how to build a funnel, how to set up a domain and integrate it, how to set up an autoresponder and integrate it… how to set up an automation in your […]

Want The “Crypto” Lifestyle?

I remember when the term BITCOIN meant nothing to me… I recall hearing it, time and time again and I thought it was just a fad that would die slowly… Cryptocurrencies can transform your life…Period. If you realize that they are not going anywhere If you embrace the change Embrace the technology and share with […]

Opportunity in TikTok Apps

It is time that TikTok is seriously added to the conversation about attention. One of Gary’s fastest-growing platforms currently is TikTok because of how much attention there is and how few people are making content to supply that. TikTok is the fastest growing social network in the past year, so let’s start treating it like […]

Money Is In Licensing, Period!

Here are the definitions of the types of licences you may have through PLR/MRR sites: Personal Rights – You may consume the product and learn from it. That’s it. Giveaway Rights – You may consume the product, learn from it and then give it away but without editing or claiming authorship. Resell Rights – You […]

How To Deal With Unsubscribers

Nothing scares list builders quite like watching their list shrink in size. Particularly if it’s because of a human error or a poor strategic decision to pitch the wrong thing at the wrong time. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about email marketing: Some people will unsubscribe when you pitch. Some […]

To Sell The Most, You Need to Lie The Most

This is the truth. Just go look at who sells the most in any industry. The reason is because the customer would rather believe a far-fetched possibility over the unappealing truth. The customer wants to gamble… The customer wants to believe in Santa Claus The customer is annoyed when you try and tell em the […]

Your Phone Can Make You Money These Days!

Things have REALLY changed since I started online. I remember when I had to do pretty much everything from my PC at home. Then, I started to use a laptopAnd then I was able to send and receive emails on my Blackberry! Yes, I used to use one of those. LOL. These days I use […]