4 Skills That Can Make Nearly ANYONE Money Fast

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1. Identify blue ocean markets (gives example, go to facebook groups. group for surgeons)

2. Sales video copyrighting (example: he was in a mastermind and people were complaining. he created a solution for them)

3. Closing deals [on the phone] (suggests book: Spin selling. suggest learning on how to close on the phone / phone-closing)

4. Network with smart people that can make products. (get the smart people to focus on making the product perfect. you focus on marketing + sales)

5. Learn facebook and google ads

Once you have all these, your main job as an entrepreneur is to find opportunities, and then apply the skills above.

When starting off: you don’t want to build a high investment business, you want to build a cashflow business (e.g. consulting where you provide manual labour… partner with an engineer and provide certain types of services like optimizing phone calls, funnels).

Discipline is one of the most important foundational traits above all.


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