Building Your Irresistible Offer That Make People Say “YES”

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Building your irresistible offer 💥😯 and package your offer that the only logical answer is “YES” and the people who say “NO” feel a sense of missing out.

Build your offer around the story as to why the offer exists (your story is best) and what problem it’s meant to solve.

Use the situation to Expose the problem and agitate it with the emotions you experienced when you were going through the situation.

Example: “I was so frustrated when I was calling leads for my network marketing business, I would constantly get hung up on and screamed at over the phone. It was one of the most utterly helpless feelings I have ever had.

Then I discovered how simple automated systems can filter the “wrong” person out before I ever speak to them.”

Once you have your story in place you can Solve the problem with your product or service.

Another important point to keep in mind is you don’t need to re-invent anything.

Look around at how others have solved the same problem and Sell what people are already buying

💸❌ You don’t have to be a “CREATIVE GENIUS”

❌ You don’t have to invent something new or find something that no one else is promoting.

✅ Find a competitive market and figure out how you can offer value in a different way.We hear about it constantly echoed it’s all about your…

✅ Hook 🎣✅ Story 📖✅ Offer

🤝And yes, this is EXTREMELY important… But it’s only a guide. The “HOW” is much more involved.

📖 Share YOUR STORY using emotion to EXPOSE and AGITATE the emotion you felt in the moment you are explaining.

Answer the WHY a person needs to use your product or service with your story to convey the message


💥People buy based on emotion and justify their purchases with logical reasons later💥

There’s one simple question you can ask to solve this whole mystery…🔑🔓‘’

What’s the MAIN problem someone is trying to solve when they buy my product?


The reason why they’re not buying the product is that they’re not 100% sure how to use it properly to make a positive impact on their business

Maybe they’re not sure they’ll make money with it…Maybe they question how to use it in their business…Maybe they’re even unsure of why it would help them…

✅ FOCUS your offer around the MAIN problem your product solves.What are you thoughts?👇

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