Corona-Madness…Food For Thought.

April 22, 2020 9:09 am Published by Leave your thoughts

I have not been to a shop, cafe, restaurant, or underground gambling den for over a week.

A no, this has nothing to do with the Corona Virus.

I am naturally a hermit, and I have had my head buried in a few projects so just haven’t felt the need to get out as it were.

Now we have all been hearing about the loo paper shortage in your local stores, but it looks like people are also stocking up on pain relief.

People are crazy… but I don’t blame them.

This is classic FOMO. People are scared of missing out. Scared that THEY will not be able to get toilet paper or pain killers so THEY must buy it now.

Scarcity 101

and it looks like the coronavirus is not just good for shifting toilet rolls either, a customer of mine who sells pre-prepared bug-out kits is reporting a huge increase in sales…

But that’s not what’s interesting.

An old friend of mine who took part in our latest webinar makes a product aimed at entertaining kids.

She is Italian.

The product is produced in English, Spanish, and of course Italian.

It is a digital download, a PDF in-fact.

Over the last two weeks, she has sold three times as many copies as she normally does with absolutely no increase in promotion.

It is still way too early to tell if this is just a blip.

But my gut is saying that if people are going into lockdown mode, especially if enforced by the government, then there is going to be a fair wack of disposable income sitting on the table waiting to be spent.

If I am not going out to eat or getting food delivered, if I am not going to the cinema or the mall, what am I going to spend my money on?

Food for thought.

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