Here Are 5 Top Lessons I’ve Learned From 7 Figure Online Marketing Expert

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Here are 5 top lessons I’ve learned from 7 figure online marketing expert.

Here are 5 top lessons I've learned from 7 figure online marketing expert

1. Stop thinking so much.

If you’re stopping to think about your work then it’s too late. You already know what to do – do it.

Have you ever seen people with less intelligence and common sense become wealthy?

It’s because they’re doing the work and believing in themselves. That’s not a dumb thing to do, but they don’t have self-doubt holding them back.

2. Protect your mindset. (Cliche but true).

I’ve deleted every social media app on my phone (besides Facebook) and I’ve eliminated anything that I had a slight addiction to.

Also when I’m working I turn my phone on do not disturb. I’d normally turn it off but I’m on the volunteer Fire Department and I need it for emergency signals.

Also, don’t spend too much time around the people with no ambition or discipline. This is contagious.

It’s okay to visit and hang out but don’t become so comfortable in that world that it affects you.

Discipline and vigor will serve you well.

3. Have hobbies and passions outside of your business.

So many entrepreneurs get “stuck” and begin glitching in their business. The same problem keeps tripping them up, but the truth is they need to step away and allow their brain to process everything.

My business grew quick when I began traveling often, playing basketball more, joined the fire dept, and focused on hobbies/charity.

I rarely get stuck on any problems because I’m doing other tasks that allow my brain to problem solve in areas outside of the business.

4. Exercise and sleep well.

Exercise is neccessary for me to grow.

It’s healthy for the body and brain + it builds confidence.

If you’re lacking confidence in yourself then hit the gym and start giving yourself the love you deserve, it’s a healthy outlet for that energy and anxiety.

And for sleep, I highly recommend you look up Matthew Walker’s interviews about sleeping. He’s a professor of neuroscience and psychology.

5. Always be studying copywriting, sales, and persuasion.

If you can become a great salesman you’ll forever be able to write your own paycheck.

Use these methods to help people, with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t use persuasion to take people’s money in exchange for crap.

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