How To Deal With Unsubscribers

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Nothing scares list builders quite like watching their list shrink in size.

How To Deal With Unsubscribers

Particularly if it’s because of a human error or a poor strategic decision to pitch the wrong thing at the wrong time.

With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about email marketing:

Some people will unsubscribe when you pitch.

Some people won’t.

They may not buy.

But they won’t unsubscribe either.

And some will unsubscribe regardless whether you pitch or not.

This is a GOOD thing.


Because they either don’t have the money or the interest (or both) to gain value/ buy from you.

Or they don’t agree with your methods and they wouldn’t buy from you in the first place.

Should you lose sleep over these people’s decision to “reject” you?


Because you WIN either way.


How can you possibly win by driving people OFF your email list?

Because you don’t waste time with the wrong crowd.

By pushing the bad prospects away, you bond with the good ones, who want to buy from you and who don’t mind a pitch, if you offer a great solution to their problem.

If anything, good prospects expect a strong pitch from you if you believe in your product.

What this does is it enables you to focus on the FEW, and double down on your target audience.

Once you really discover exactly WHO responds to your messaging, it becomes much easier to find like-minded people.

Ultimately, you are left with a smaller, yet much more valuable list of super subscribers.

As opposed to just a huge list that does nothing.


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