How to Make Your First $100k With Free Instagram Traffic

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Over the past couple years Ive done this multiple times over and wanted to share how you can do this too…

1 . You need an awesome offer. I assume most of you have that, whether it be Clickfunnels software, OFA, one of Russell’s offers or something else on Clickfunnels

2. Work out who your target audience is you are trying to reach to promote this product. Who are they, what do they struggle with, how can you help them

3. Now set up a brand new Instagram account based around that specific niche, share visually appealing + valuable content every single day on the platform

To grow your audience you need to make sure you post multiple times daily, you use good hashtags which are small enough in size to rank on but big enough to get some traction (this comes down to testing to get in just right)

On top of this collaborate with similar pages in your niche and engage with larger accounts in your niche to reach more people. When they then see your page and content if its congruent then they are likely to follow and engage in the future too

There are heaps more growth tactics to go through but these are the main ones above. daily posts, hashtags, collaborations, engaging on larger pages and use IGTV

Doing this you should be able to grow at least a few thousand followers in your first month, and exponentially grow from there

4. Once you have built your audience you can start slowly monetizing. From the start, Id leave a link in your bio to either free content (youtube) or some sort of lead magnet (make sure it’s amazing) to grow your audience multi platform (Instagram, then Email/youtube/facebook) from the start

With an audience, story marketing is by far the most effective way to monetize in my opinion. I like to use whats called the “story to DM” strategy which drives traffic to your offers

Have 3-4 stories pre framing the offer, similar to what you see experts do on a webinar or from stage but condensed.

Post a story that essentially shows the problem, then a second story showing the solution, followed by a story showing the results of this

Then on the next story frame your offer as a question with a story poll and follow up anyone who responds “yes” and close them in the DM’s whether it be sending them to a youtube video, a landing page, scheduling a call, etc


Story 1: When I started my affiliate marketing journey I could never find a way to get consistent free traffic and it sucked! It made things super hard…

Story 2: But then I found this course about getting predictable free traffic and it was amazing! I felt like I’d finally cracked the code

Story 3: I was able to make $xxxx.xx in the past month using these free traffic strategies and I’d love to share them with you all!

Story 4: Who’d like to learn how to generate predictable traffic to their online business using the same free traffic strategies that made me xxx last month? (YES/NO)

Then follow up all those who say yes, close the sale, boom!

Now all you need to do to hit $100k is continue growing your audience which becomes exponential over time and then with a larger audience you can generate more sales and commissions, build your list and you can then market other offers and go from there

Hope this helps any newbies trying to get going! Or any of you affiliate masters who are trying to learn IG (:

NOTE: Instagram obviously isn’t the only way, plenty of awesome ways to get results, and plenty of cool ways to get free traffic too. Instagram is just what Ive done and is pretty hot right now!

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