How to NOT Making Money Online

November 21, 2019 5:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The key, in the beginning, is to LEARN as much as you can about the process. Don’t worry about sales.

You need to know how to build a funnel, how to set up a domain and integrate it, how to set up an autoresponder and integrate it… how to set up an automation in your autoresponder based on different triggers like someone subscribing to a list or a tag being added.

This is all foundational stuff.

Once you get the foundation built then you can start framing the walls out. Have your overall vision for how you want your business to run before you go out into the world and try to sell someone anything.

What do you like to do? Can you do that, help others and make money doing it? If so, awesome. You should do that and become great at doing it. You’ll be happy and eventually grow a successful business.

If you are here to get rich quick, get lucky, or anything like that… and don’t like the process, aren’t passionate about the products, and aren’t committed to taking action to build YOUR company… then it’s best to reassess if you really want to do this.

My vision for the future is:

1) Helping business owners with software, funnels, and automation. I actually love to build funnels now, and I love mapping out and thinking up automations… I’ve always been a big proponent of thinking of something once, and then never having to think about it again. Finding the most efficient way to do something is just natural to me.

2) Building courses and content to help others with personal finance and investing. I’ve been into this for 6+ years, and believe most people waste way too much money on crap that’s not making them happy or helping them get where they want to be. Investing in yourself and your business is awesome. But buying stuff you don’t need to impress people you don’t like is making you work at a job you hate just to pay for it. It’s way past time to break that cycle.

3) Helping to grow and scale people who partnering with me. This one is new and exciting right now. But I think it’s going to be awesome to be a part of it.

If you are struggling or spinning your wheels I just want to say… allow yourself some time to fail. I didn’t make any sales for a month or two. It was information overload. You have to keep learning and growing… eventually I hope to have a week with no blank spaces.

But I’m happy to be here and moving forward.

How have you been doing so far this year? Do you have the foundation built to start building your empire??

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