Is it Possible to be a Millionaire Running Online Businesses?

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It definitely does and can happen.

The main problem with those gurus is, they teach business models WITHOUT teaching people the skills to make these models work.

Everybody can open a drop-shipping store and then;

Who can make it profitable?

Who knows how to get traffic?

How to convert traffic into sales?

How to persuade?

How to market effectively?



So, for 90% of seriously ambitious people (not even talking about dabblers; who give up in the face of a challenge…those never make it), it does take longer than 1–2 years until they make seven figures.

How much longer?

On average, I’ve seen it take 4–7 years.

The main reason being, it takes time to develop high-income skills to get an accurate feeling for what the market wants and how to communicate this.

When then; “At the end of the day…..Who cares how long it takes?”

As long as you make it in the end, develop high-income skills along the way and go for the life you want, instead of sitting on the sidelines?

For example…No one cared about my friend’s first attempts at selling his personal training service online.

He got some people interested in his live webinars, and some of them did show up and asked him questions about fat loss and nutrition.

But no one would buy his services or spend any money.

All this, although he had spent months preparing. Building. Trying. Still he didn’t give up.

He learned how to sell effectively, developed persuasive communication skills, learned more about his market and refined his process.

Within a couple of months, he was making sales and inching his way up to six, and eventually seven-figures a year in profit.

Would that be okay with you?

To develop your skills and see yourself earning more and more each month?

Each year?

If you knew, that you’ll eventually succeed and make seven-figures a year, wouldn’t that keep you going no matter what frustrations turn up?


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