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March 26, 2020 2:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Several countries around the world are on military-enforced lockdowns.

Many states in the US have all but shut down. Trump has announced that people may not gather in groups of more than 10.

The country – the WORLD is in a weird place right now.

Most people are scared. Heck, I’m scared. We’re all fighting something we can’t see.

Not many people are “ready to die” (if you are, you’re way ahead of the curve).

We have too much unfinished business (in the form of our children, for example)!

But with big change comes big opportunity. Right now, there is a tremendous opportunity for YOU –

I said YOU specifically because you have a unique set of experiences, a unique situation (whether you’ve got a thriving agency or are just starting out).

You have specific people around you. People you’re stuck with for the foreseeable future, in some cases… 😉

And you have a set of knowledge, interests and skills that are unique to YOU.

Which means that, if you keep your mind open, you will discover your unique opportunity.

One that is available to you RIGHT NOW.

Here’s what I recommend today:

Sit down and make a list of opportunities. Possibilities.

If you’re stuck in fear or anger, take a moment to meditate. To clear your mind. Do some breathing.

Then, make a little “gratitude” list. Start with, “Here’s what I’m grateful for right now…” and fill it in. Put down as many things as you can think of.

“My health.”

“The food in my pantry.”

“My home.”

“Internet service.”


It doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, the simpler the better.

“I’m grateful I can breathe. I’m grateful my body helps me get from place to place.”

Then, make a new list. A list of opportunities.

What has become uniquely available to you in this strange world situation?

Do you have more time?

Did you lose a 2-hour back & forth commute?

Do you have less time? (Yes, this could be an opportunity).

Are your kids at home with you?

Other family members?

Do you know something most others don’t?

Like this, list out all the advantages and opportunities you have right now.

Write them down even if you’re not sure they’re relevant.

If nothing comes to mind immediately, force yourself to sit down for 20 minutes and write whatever comes to mind. Set a timer and write nonstop until it goes off.

Don’t filter yourself. No one but you will ever see this.

Just write anything that comes up.

And when you’re done, set it down. Let your subconscious mind take it from there.

And be open to opportunity.

It’s time for us as entrepreneurs to move away from fear.

It’s okay to be afraid – but it’s much more powerful to be the leader others need.

Whether those others are other business owners…or your friends and family.

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