No One Can Do It Alone – Why You Should Outsource

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Let’s talk about your role in your online business and outsourcing. If you’re working towards making money online or are making money through your efforts, do you realize that you’re in business? What’s more, you’re the owner of the business, even if you’re the only person presently working in it!

One major hurdle for new marketers is grasping the idea that they are not an employee – they’re a business owner and their role is that of a leader. In your case, while you may in fact be the only person in your business, you need to become an effective manager and lead yourself to prosperity.

Initially, it’s not unusual to attempt to do everything yourself; in most cases you’ve got the time to do all of the things that you might want to consider outsourcing when you’re earning a decent profit. But there’s the rub – how do you determine when it’s time to outsource?

Think for a minute about large corporations and the executive officers. Why don’t they clean their own offices? Why don’t they type their own correspondence? Why don’t they answer their own telephone?

As leaders of a major corporation, their time is extraordinarily valuable to the company and shareholders, therefore their time must be spent effectively on management. Is it sensible a CEO to spend an hour typing a letter that a secretary could do for 5% of the cost of the executive doing it? Of course not!

On a micro scale, you’re basically in the same position. How can you most effectively use your time to lead your company into profit? Physically, there is a limit to just how much work you can do in a given day. So you need to make a list of responsibilities of tasks that you MUST do and those that others could do at less cost. Include on this second list all of those tasks that you are not expert at doing as well.

Next, don’t put a dollar sign on outsourcing just yet – let’s look at the tasks you’re not very good at. For example, graphics; a lot of folks can do “OK” when it comes to making headers; but they’re often not “Great”. On the other hand, you might be a pretty darn good copy writer, so may choose to do that yourself. Do you see the opportunity yet?

Bartering. It’s a powerful, effective tool for new businesses! You need to find someone who excels at a task that you do not do well and trade off a service that you’re great at in exchange for their services. It’s as simple as that! This goes on all the time in IM and I’ve personally done this many times over to aid in controlling cash flow. The real benefit is that you get the best of both worlds without spending a dime.

Another hurdle for newer marketers is letting go of that profit, LOL. Let’s say you’re earning $500 per month and are thinking of outsourcing another $250 per month for a lot of your businesses “Grunt Work”. Your gut reaction might be that you are reluctant to spend half your profits when you worked so hard to get there, right?

But, if you think it over carefully, if that outsourcing will free you up to concentrate on increasing your profits, then you should be able to generate another $500 a month with the help of those you outsourced to. That means that by investing $250 in outsourcing, you’re bringing your profit up to $750 per month. Make sense? That’s overly simplified, but you get the idea.

we also need to be realistic about how to go about outsourcing so that you don’t get burned and get the kind of quality work you should be demanding. Here are a few points to consider:

1. Never put all your eggs in one basket – always have at least two people who can do the same quality work in a given area.

2. Never pay in advance – pay upon acceptance (they deliver; you like it).

3. Never assign huge projects to one person – it may never get done!

4. Never allow someone you outsource to, to become too involved in what you’re doing.

5. Never accept excuses or delays – cancel and move on to the next person instead.

That said, when you find someone who consistently performs well, you need to take care of them and keep them interested in working for you. In most cases this results in paying a little more than originally agreed upon, but it’s worth it. Also, try to develop a good relationship with your top performers – take the time to get to know them, what drives them and treat them as a colleague rather than an employee.

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