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This could be the next Big Trending opportunity!


As you maybe know medical cannabis is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. The demand for  it is increasing every year. In Germany alone, there is a daily demand of 800.000 consumers that use cannabis for medical purposes.


It is a company from Switzerland that is producing medical cannabis with the goal to be the market leader in Europe. The company was established in 2017 (MSL Industries GmbH), so it has beer n running for more than two years.

A couple of weeks ago the owners have introduced an MLM system to make it more public and to build up a community. It is a fully regulated company (FINMA, financial authority in Switzerland).

They have already invested a lot of money to start the business in 2017(MSL Industries GmbH). They have farms in Switzerland and Great Britain with an area of 1500m2 (Switzerland) and 5200m2 (Great Britain). Farms in Macedonia will follow.


Their business partners are big players in the lightning branch. For example some members of the board of an OSRAM company, a big player in lightning, have already visited the plant in Switzerland.

Already contracts with commercial consumers in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Poland are existing.


The founders and owners are real and you can find information from the past on Google. For example one of the founders was a racing driver. One of the CEOs gave a presentation about the company within a leading conference.


Partners of the company have the opportunity to be an owner of one plant or more and receive profits LIFETIME. You can also see the plants in your back office via webcams.

After harvesting and sale, we will get 50% of the profit, the other 50% goes to the company.

For example: We invest 350 EUR for one plant and receive 50 EUR profit per grow (grow = approx. after 8 -12 weeks).  Approx. 300 EUR per year profit with one plant LIFETIME.

Those numbers are valuations because it depends on the quality of the plant during the harvest. If they receive the license for THC farming, the profit will be increased.

If you invest 35.000 EUR you will earn 30.000 EUR per year LIFETIME. This is amount is equal to an average income in the United States per year.

One plant is always 100 tokens. Later we have the opportunity to trade those tokens on an exchange.

– Investments start from 350 EUR up to 35.000 EUR
– Approx. 80% profit per year

Purchase contract under Swiss law. You will receive an invoice.
Profit can increase (if THC farming is possible).


For each investment that your partners make you will receive commissions up to 10% in 5 levels

In addition you will receive up to 20% of the profit from yourpartners plant. (5 levels). That brings you a residual income.


Bitcoin, bank transfer, MasterCard & Visa (coming soon).

You can just use the same way for withdrawals that you used for deposits.

For example: You deposit with bank transfer you can just withdraw your commissions and profits via bank transfer.

Why I have joined the company?

– Fast-growing project
– All licenses are existing
– High level of transparency
– High demand of cannabis within the next years
– Lifetime earnings

If you want you can search on Google for the increasing demand of cannabis. You will find reports that after a harvest the harvest is sold out within 2 hours.

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