To Sell The Most, You Need to Lie The Most

September 27, 2019 1:52 am Published by Leave your thoughts

This is the truth.

Just go look at who sells the most in any industry.

To Sell The Most, You Need to Lie The Most

The reason is because the customer would rather believe a far-fetched possibility over the unappealing truth.

The customer wants to gamble…

The customer wants to believe in Santa Claus

The customer is annoyed when you try and tell em the truth.

A marketer can’t rewire human behavior.

And so the ones who lie most, sell most.


If you want to sell the most product, just lie and tell them what they want to believe.

If you tell the truth, expect to sell way less. Which is cool, just don’t expect to be an industry leader with the truth.

We don’t want the truth.

The truth hurts, but the only thing it really hurts is sales.

Whatever you decide to do is your choice, I don’t judge.”

The only bit I do not agree with is the last sentence.

If you lie, I judge and think you are a CHEATING!!!


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